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Space Pirate Trainer Review - Read this before you buy this game

January 7 2017, 16:44pm

Space Pirate Trainer Review - Read this before you buy this game


It's every wannabe space pirates dream come true. A totally immersive first person shooter, Space Pirate Trainer puts you on the front of the battle field, leaving you to repel the attacks of countless droids attempting to take your ship. Arguably one of the best VR games released on the HTC Vive, Space Pirate Trainer has tried to capture that arcade feeling of the early Space Invaders and Galaga type games, while including the clear advantages that VR would offer. In this Space Pirate Trainer Review, we discuss how it's simple but immersive game play makes it one of the best VR games to be released in recent times.

Cool weapon modes

Weapon control requires two controllers, but the additional HTC Vive accessories however, is not for show, as it increases your shooting abilities and provides you with a variety of weapon options available in your arsenal. Two rapid fire laser guns give you extra firing power as you try to withstand the wave of drones coming at you from all angles.

A very cool feature is the way you change your weapons, and you do this by reaching over your shoulder. If you prefer a combination of offence with defense, then you can swap out one of your laser pistols for a shield. With your shield you have cover from the drone's attacks, but you can also deflect their bullets back onto them.

If you want more firepower however, there is also a laser pistol rail gun firing mode, which will fire off a single deadly shot, after a short charge up period. You can use a combination of the rail gun with the rapid fire pistol, which will really give you some great fire power.

Your body matters

When you usually play video games your body can tend to get in the way, as your neck cricks, your fingers become numb and there is just that overall pain and discomfort that you experience from sitting in one position. With Space Pirates Trainer your body is also important to game play. Both your motion controllers are used as motion track guns, it means therefore that your hand and your head movements are being motion tracked.

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This has made a major difference in how you play this game, as you can aim and fire at enemy drones in two separate positions. You can also raise your shield to protect yourself from enemy fire from the left while aiming and shooting to the right. Probably most exciting is the fact that you can dodge shots with body movements without losing track of targets, while also taking aim at one target with two weapons or even targeting shots at multiple enemies.

A great tip for increasing your accuracy is to close one eye when you aim and shoot. Both of your eyes see a slightly different image as, the developers have tried to recreate our natural, binocular vision, so this simple trick will help to offset this small quirk.



It's truly immersive game play is what sets Space Pirates Trainer a part. The game is able to capture the arcade feel of past space games, now with the advantages of VR included. Motion controllers, make game play a blast, as you can dodge bullets, as well as protect yourself with your shield while returning fire at the same time Here is a game that almost allows you to realize your wildest dream, it's probably as close you can come to being a space pirate, without travelling to space itself.

Space Pirate Trainer is one of the best htc vive game, other you ca find in  this article.


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